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How To Achieve Your Dream

Looking for a place to live? Why don’t you consider getting a condo or maybe an apartment? There are many reasons someone might buy a condo or an apartment over the typical single-family residence. To explain the difference, a private residence is privately owned, whereas, with a condo, or condominium, common areas are jointly owned by the other condominium residents. There are many listed properties available in Kuala Lumpur area, as well as other areas of Malaysia. Though they say bumiputeras tend to have better benefits when buying a house, however, it doesn’t mean that non-bumiputeras are not able to purchase one.

In markets that are more expensive, such as downtown areas, condos tend to be a popular choice, as they are often cheaper than buying a single-family residence. In this way, condos offer many buyers an opportunity to enter and live in a location they might not otherwise be able to afford. It’s a viable alternative to renting an apartment, especially considering that as a condo owner, you can build equity and often take advantage of tax deductions on the mortgage interest.

Condos tend to be popular for first time home-buyers for their affordability, and among the retired, as a condo community will often provide services specifically catered to them. Because condos share a common area that is owned by all residents in the building, there is a governing board that oversees how the condominium community operates. These associations manage the complex and handle any rules or guidelines for the community.

With this video as a guide, you’ll be sure to achieve your dream of buying a house without going broke:

You’ll meet all kinds of people at condominium open houses: first time buyers looking to get into the market, investors snapping up rental properties and, of course, baby boomers wanting to downsize their space and responsibilities.

Condos can be low-rise buildings, townhouses, freestanding houses, duplexes, triplexes or “mixed use” buildings, such as condos above offices or store fronts. They can be brand new, re-sell or conversions — that is, buildings that used to be apartments or factories turned into condos.

What makes condos different from freehold houses is that you own your unit but you also share ownership of the land, building and common areas. You share costs with fellow members of your condo association, and the board of directors or a property management company makes the big decisions.

There’s a lot of buzz about condos in the market right now, but are they a smart choice? We weigh the pros and cons.


Some condos offer benefits you won’t see in the average home or apartment building — like a theatre room, gym, swimming pool, party room and still a lot more! The amenities at Verve Suites KL South or Marc Residence KLCC are fully-equipped with all the necessities.


Unlike renting, you’re free to paint the walls, put up pictures and renovate. You can beautify the place however you want to.


Depending on where you live, some condos are more affordable than owning a freehold home — and a mortgage plus condo fees may be equivalent to rent. So, it can even save you money!


If you’re craving a prime spot in a major city — like downtown Toronto — condos may be the only practical option. What you lose in space and higher condo fees, you gain with easy access to work, dining, activities, public transportation and other amenities. The Marc Residence KLCC and Verve Suites Mont Kiara have a very strategic location, right at the centre of the city.


Marketers say condos offer greater security than a free hold home or renting. For one thing, people are more likely to take better care of property they own, and some buildings offer a secure entrance or a doorman. You might feel safer with neighbours on either side, or worry less if you frequently travel.

Low Maintenance

Condos and co-ops relieve owners of the responsibility of maintenance and repairs on the community proper. People with busy schedules enjoy freedom from mowing and caring for a lawn, shoveling snow or cleaning the exterior of the property. There’s no need to buy and maintain a lawn mower, snow blower or other expensive gear, which also reduces storage needs. The homeowners association or management board manages all these tasks on behalf of the owners. This maintenance comes at a cost, however, in the form of monthly, quarterly or annual fees.

Flexible Living

A mid-sized condo is perfect for buyers who want to downsize from a larger home or who don’t want to spend a ton of time maintaining a house. A smaller space provides more freedom for residents who want to spend time traveling or enjoying their city instead of constantly working on home improvement.

More Affordable Than Single-Family Houses

In larger cities or beachfront locations, a condo can be much more affordable than comparable houses, making it a less intimidating buy for first-time homeowners. In some cities, owning a condo is also often cheaper than renting an apartment or buying a townhouse.

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