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What Is Vocational Educational And Training

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Higher median full-time salary than a Bachelor degree

A lot of people incorrectly suppose that university degrees lead to better starting salaries. But in reality, it’s the other way around. Studies reveal that the median full-time income for a VET graduate is RM155,848. The median graduate salary for students achieving a Bachelor’s degree is really less, at only RM150,241.

Better long-term opportunities

It is sensible to think about future career opportunities as the world job market continues to change. You can relax realizing that the VET sector offers courses for 9 out of 10 occupations expected to have the greatest growth of new jobs over the next five years.  All can be taught via VET courses of the ten industry subgroups with the largest projected employment gains by 2020.

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Credibility and competitiveness in a global economy

In 2014, the Department of Education and Training figures indicate that there were over 500,000 international enrolments into tertiary courses. Nearly 150,000 of these were in the VET sector. Obviously, these international VET graduates will have a competitive lead in the employment marketplace over the country resume without any credentials. The VET deserves its tick of credibility too if it is good enough for the rest of the world.

Higher lifetime earning potential

Reports indicate the median lifetime earnings for those with at least a Diploma or Advanced Diploma can be around RM1,669,119 greater than those with just a Year 12 or equivalent level of education – an increase of around 35-40% on what their project lifetime earnings would otherwise decline at.

Value for money and high return on investment

VET usually offers students with a quicker pathway to achieve a qualification and enter the workforce compared with university undergraduate programs. A Diploma qualification will have you in the workforce, getting a better award rate in faster time, for less financial investment than a University degree. When talking about lifetime earnings potential, a Diploma qualification with College for Adult Learning can provide a 20,000 Return on Investment.

Beneficial pathways for school leavers

VET successfully engages and helps those with no post-school education. The Workforce and Productivity Agency 2012 report ‘Future Focus: Australia’s skills and workforce development needs’, emphasized that the increased need for skilled labour is cutting opportunities for those with only a high school level of education. To be competitive, a school leaver needs to display the discipline, goal-setting and organisation skills needed to attain a qualification. VET offers a pathway to show employers these characteristics.

Better pass rates

The load pass rate for funded VET courses is 82.8% which is 10 percentage points greater than university courses.

Real-life skills outperform theoretical ones

VET’s high level of flexibility offers practical programs that demonstrate real-life skills instead of just theory. Therefore, as a VET graduate, you will be able to go into the workforce with first-hand experience. Instead of needing constant retraining once employed, you will have the skills to keep developing your career as a valuable team member.

This video shows what VET is all about:

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